Top 10 places to live off campus

By Barnabas Brennan

Cleveland house prices are low after the housing crisis of 2014. Now’s the time to buy; even Canadians have started investing in Cleveland real estate. If you’re looking to buy or rent, here is our top 10 list of places to live off campus:
1. Downtown. High-rise apartments, low cost of living. Sunny weather (supposedly). Easy access to the Red Line. Guaranteed position as an extra in a comic book movie.
2. The Flats. Longtime center of industry and entertainment. Nice view of the Cuyahoga River, Whisky Island, Rivergate Park. Formerly highest concentration of bars in the Midwest.
3. Little Italy. Barely off-campus. Epitome of Italian dining—occasional visits from Joe Biden. Community events like Feast of Assumption and Columbus Day Parade: celebrating an Italian conquering a new continent.
4. East Cleveland. Cheap housing, several metroparks. General Electric’s Lighting Division world headquarters. Access to gas stations (unlike University Circle).
5. Franklin Castle. AKA Hannes Tiedemann House, historic haunted house in Ohio City. Great place to explore Cleveland’s culture and spooky legends first-hand.
6. Parma. Plenty of places to eat and shop and excitement: birthday partiers attacking employees at Chuck E. Cheese and cars crashing into Mr. Chicken franchises.
7. Euclid. Lakefront properties, free music venues. Polka and Softball Halls of Fame, Irish American Club (and Pub). Abundant wildlife from Euclid Creek Reservation. Everyone’s trying to fix the storm and sewage drains.
8. Pepper Pike. CWRU University Farm in the backyard, if you’re OK with being nowhere near campus. Proudest achievement: being named 2014 Tree City USA. Occasional contact with coyotes.
9. A Cardboard Box. Nothing beats the affordability of living in an alleyway in a cardboard box. No rent, open dumpsters, protection from the elements, mobility, proximity to classes—everything a college student could ask for.

Box Home
10. Detroit Shoreway. Cleveland is artsy, but this brings the fartsy. Young creative types, plenty of theatres and galleries, EcoVillage, music venue like Happy Dog hotdog restaurant. Most praised for not being like actual Detroit.


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