Top 4 Hillary Clinton scandals

By: National Inquirer

With the 2016 presidential race in full swing, candidates are campaigning across the country and, lucky us, we get to be in the swingiest states of them all: Ohio. Though CWRU might still be enamored with Hillary Clinton’s recent visit, many news media outlets have been obsessing over her various “scandals” that may influence voters. What they aren’t reporting are her most nefarious schemes, her most shocking decisions. Her real scandals.

  1. Wearing White After Labor Day, 2007

If Hillary Clinton can’t remember the cardinal rule of fashion, how will she be able to run the country? Or worse, what if she isn’t the most fashionable world leader? Michael Kors has recently rescinded his endorsement.

  1. Using the Wrong Fork at Dinner, 2009

Poor Hillary was so engrossed in conversation at a State Dinner in 2004 that she says she “wasn’t thinking” when she picked up the innermost fork at the place setting to eat her fennel and walnut salad. Other attendees pledged to “order pizza” when dining with Clinton to avoid future mishaps.

  1. Replying all to the Entire White House email Listserve because for some reason anyone with government email address was able to email the entire Listserve. This happened twice. 2008 Sound familiar?
  1. Socks with Sandals, 2010

Hillary, you could have the best policy ideas in the world, but as I’m sure your political strategists will tell you, this one is going to take some serious time and effort to overcome with the American public. Affairs, espionage, fraud—we can handle those. But socks with sandals? I’m not sure we’re ready for that.

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