TVUC and Veale Center fight over name Veale: New Student Groups Battle for Name Rights

Paul Palumbo

A new student group, naming themselves the “New Veale Society,” have started a petition to rename the new “Tinkham Veale University Center” into simply the “Veale University Center,” and name the current Veale Center “The Place with Treadmills and Stuff.” When asked why they feel so strongly about the issue, a representative stated that hanging out in a place dubbed “Tink” has made her feel really silly. She proclaims, “We’re gonna take the name from those sweaty athletes! Why are there here, anyway? Don’t they know that this is a science school?”

A second group, naming themselves “Quit Your Whining,” have formed to oppose this new change. The group is mostly formed of students who regularly attend Veale Center to exercise. Excluding the individuals who leave the building gasping and dry-heaving, most of them are in peak physical condition. Their purpose is to prevent the renaming of the athletic center, for they feel that, because their center was there first, they get to keep it.

A third group, calling themselves “Simplicity First,” have opted to simply name every building on campus “Veale Center.” They state that there are too many different buildings to remember, so it would be so much simpler if they didn’t have to remember so much all the time. In response to whether or not this would cause a great deal of confusion for professors and students trying to find the right classroom, they stated that some sacrifices simply must be made to work towards a brighter future.

All three groups are scheduled to have a gladiator-style arena battle, with the winners dubbing the buildings on campus as they see fit. This is seen as preferable to any kind of democratic vote, as it will likely sell more tickets.

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