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Compiled through archives and twitter reports

Many of you have probably heard about the situation in Ukraine. Many more of you might feel passionately about what the United States should do about Ukraine. Many, many more of you probably have no idea where Ukraine is on a map.

For those of you whose only knowledge of the news comes from Jon Stewart, here’s the deal with this country. Ukraine has long been a divided country over affiliations with Russia or the European Union. Though technically separate from Russia, there are still parts of Ukraine that affiliate with the Soviet Union, especially Crimea. In 2013, Ukraine’s president, Viktor Yanukovych, turned down a deal for benefits with the European Union and instead became a closer ally of Russia, pleasing one half and upsetting another half of the country. And then it went downhill from there.

Since then, there has been constant rioting against the Russia-friendly Yanukovych, so much so that he has run away and is hiding in Russia (while claiming he is “still the President of Ukraine”). Ukraine’s Parliament is trying to maintain things in his absence, and recently launched an offensive to suppress pro-Russian violence. Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitriy Medve dev tweeted an ominous message regarding the situation: “There is foreboding of a civil war in #Ukraine.”

We’re going to go ahead and ignore the fact that Obama’s reputation among world leaders is in the toilet (due to empty threats and general indecisiveness). We’re also going to ignore that there could potentially be a civil war in Ukraine (since Russia historically is great at ending conflict). And we’re also going to ignore that according to a Washington Post survey, 53 percent of Americans actually have the nerve to favor some kind of United States intervention (because here in America, we like to invade places that are “probably in Africa or something”).

What we truly have on our hands is a rebirth of politics for the new generation. Now, we can it’s not just high school breakups that happen over social media. No, now our nation’s leaders tweet about impending wars.

But remember, if anything gets too over the top, we can always take our posts down. Because that’s how the Internet works— once you take something down, all is forgotten. Right?

Some people still feel outraged over the war message being so casually thrown out for billions of people to see at once. However, looking objectively, this is a good thing. People who were once completely ignorant about politics can keep up with the daily political developments, especially since there is no way a statement restricted to 140 characters could possibly be misinterpreted.

And if you can’t keep up with new wave politics, too bad. #CrimeaRiver

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