Urgot rerelease revealed

Ryan “Morello” Scott, head champion designer for the riotously popular game League of Legends, announced last week on the forums a complete overhaul of Urgot, the Headsman’s Pride, and released early splash art shown below. Instead of the hextech abomination of a distended general of Noxus, Urgot will now be a plump French chef, wielding snails and a kitchen knife. There were some rumors that the rework would include a name change to “Escar-Urgot, Head Chef of the Rift.”

“We felt that Urgot was no longer fulfilling his role as the unchecked murderer of a champion with the addition of such bloodthirsty champions as Draven, Jinx, Darius and Draven.”

Morello said. “There can only be so many psychopaths in the roster before the supply exceeds demand. Rather than leave a champion underused, we’d rather make a dramatic shift to bring them back into the spotlight.

“Additionally, we saw an excellent opportunity to create and fill new niches with Urgot. By making him a chef, we made him unique, but he still fit in good company; there are other in-game skins with a similar food theme, including Lollipoppy, among others. His abilities would also be easily adapted to the new theme and only require a few visual changes—the grenade becomes a sizzling snail, for instance.

“We also decided to keep the numbers and functionality of his kit exactly the same. Some players enjoy the challenge of an underdog champion and would rather struggle with subpar itemization than win every single game with the flavor of the month champion.”

“Perhaps more controversially, we chose to make him French to further diversify champion select and give our voice actors a little bit of a challenge. The high-pitched whine of the new Urgot voiceover kept our vocal and recording talents hard at work to ensure the perfect mix of arrogance, culture and taste. I think the players will really appreciate the quality care we’ve given to our new favorite butcher, baker and soup maker.”

Some players complained that Urgot was in less need of an immediate update than, say, Sion, but Morello immediately departed the thread and refused to make any further comment.

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