USG Briefs

Compiled from staff reports

At the most recent USG meeting, the primary content discussed by the student board was the distribution of the student activity fee. Bill B. S-69 was voted on and passed unanimously, allowing reallocation of the USG budget for purchases to cover the coverings of USG members’ derrieres.

In the open forum section of the meeting, many male representatives attempted to bring up the topic of the “g-string,” but were shot down by the women on board in favor of discussion on American Eagle vs. Hollister briefs vs. boxers. Also debated was how far down the legs, hypothetically speaking, underwear would need to extend to count as short leggings, and whether one would need to wait until July or August for the Cleveland weather to warm up enough for testing this.

Another topic of substantial discussion was the drop/add period. One representative from the Academic Affairs committee suggested extending the drop period to midterms to allow humorous mooning to lighten the moods of stressed, overworked college students across the campus. Some argued that this time period would be abused, and students would hardly be able to walk outside a dorm without pants being dropped in their faces. Others also brought in the potential of prospective students’ parents being witness to the extent of the drop/add period and how this could affect their view of CWRU Western. One counterargument to the parent issue was that if enough confident and attractive CWRU students could be recruited for brief-dropping, this could possibly sway students’ opinions of CWRU positively. The topic was tabled for the next general meeting, with the USG Vice President promising to consult a variety of administration for their viewpoints.

Before the meeting could adjourn, the Student Life Enjoyment Committee presented a report on groups recently denied recognition as student organizations: Klingon Speakers, Class Skipping 4Life, and the Nudist Collective. The would-be Klingon Speakers were too offensive for USG to approve, Class Skipping 4Life was rejected on the basis of personal intervention by Barbara Snyder, who felt the group would send the wrong message about the academic dedication so integral to CWRU students; and the Nudist Collective had only two interested members, and no academic advisor, and so was ineligible on those grounds.

USG members concluded their meeting with a vote on what sources of funding university groups were allowed to draw from. While advertising was passed, prostitution was not.

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