Wealthy Saudi Prince gets mad for no longer being able to buy animals

Bhargavee Gnanasambandam

In a recent interview with Saudi prince Muhammed Allahhuakhmed Akbar Malik, the extravagantly dressed prince stated his clear annoyance towards his financial advisors who recommended that he stop using the endangered species list when buying new pets. With an extensive collection ranging from the Yangtze finless porpoise to the south China tiger, the famous prince stated how important it was for him to have things that no other person has. His love for endangered species began when he was five years old, when his parents told him he was one very special boy. Malik even stated, “I have always demanded the best, and these animals are so rare, the world itself doesn’t even own that many.”

A prince must, after all, only have the best.

From a young age, Prince Malik was showered with everything he could have ever wanted. In the end, the only thing he wanted were the animals that the world no longer wanted. The Saudi Prince Malik began his collection at the age of seven, when he realized that dead were not alive enough for him. From then on, the collection only grew because, after all, live things are the best of the best. After every family vacation to exotic locations, young Prince Malik brought the rarest animal of that area back to his palace in Saudi Arabia to prove how special his family truly was.

Prince Malik claimed that he can no longer give out his love to more animals around the world because everyone is jealous of him. “Everyone just wants these animals for themselves, but no one can love them like I can,” he said as he pounded his fist on the table full of rage.

In the world of Prince Malik, humans do not own the world, animals live in the world too. He even believes that animals should be left to live their own life. Malik’s crazy ideas even brought him to the conclusion that animals deserve rights, just like people.


“These animals need love! Can’t you see? I just love them. I give them life,” Prince Malik explained with extra strength.


Malik even lets these animals keep their own fur instead of using it on his new designer Apple watch band. He even believed that ivory belongs to the elephants not on a custom-carved bed frame.

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