When Laziness Overcomes Cheapness…

Anastazia Vanisko

The Village Starbucks has gotten rid of its bring-your-own–mug-and-get-two-dollar-coffee deal.That was a dirty lie, I apologize.
But at this rate, Starbucks might as well drop the deal. Thanks to an overwhelming epidemic of laziness this finals season, people are actually paying full price for their coffee. The holidays are a time of acceptable laziness and stuffing yourself. But now that people can’t even be bothered to reach for their mug before walking to Starbucks for their peppermint mocha or gingerbread latte, who knows what they won’t do.
When your laziness is greater than your love of cheap coffee, you should reevaluate your life.
How many events do students go to because there’s free stuff? Well, if you look at most activities on campus, it’s easy to see that those giving away random items have the highest attendance. And those that require you to pay to get in… well, they better be offering a really good time.
And now students that can’t be bothered to find their mug may ruin a great deal for the rest of us. I don’t want to pay more than two dollars for sub-par coffee. I just found (because I would never buy) a sticker for my computer that makes fun of Starbucks’ overpriced coffee. I can’t support students paying full price—we don’t have the money to pay that and our tuition, folks.
So for the sake of those of us who need cheap coffee to get through our days, please, please, please start bringing your mugs before the Village Starbucks notices that anything unusual is happening.

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