Which elite, jet-setting billionaire business mogul are you most like?

By Quizfeed Staff


1) A childhood friend approaches you with the, “investment of the century,” how do you respond?

  1. Take his advice, he’s a trusted friend.
  2. Say it’s great advice, but make fun of him to everyone else at the party while wearing your $3,500 suit.
  3. Publicly shame him with a tar and feathering.
  4. Begin a lively debate about the merits of activist investors.

2) You’re about to walk into a meeting when – uh oh! – you spill your coffee on your brand new jacket. What do you do?

  1. Walk in with confidence, own that coffee stain.
  2. Have your secretary reschedule the meeting because you’re the boss of the scum infesting that disgusting public office space.
  3. Nail a binder containing 95 theses on why corporations are destroying America to the door of the conference room.
  4. Change into that spare jacket you keep in your closet – only a minute late for the meeting!

3) Some co-workers invite you out for drinks after work but you promised your significant other a Netflix movie night tonight. What do you tell your co-workers?

  1. “I’m so sorry, but I had plans already set for tonight. Can we reschedule?”
  2. “Single? Of course I’m single!”
  3. “The sad souls of those who lived without blame and without praise.”
  4. “Would you mind if my boyfriend / girlfriend joins us? He / she is awesome!”


4) You’re up for the big promotion when – all of a sudden – Jim gets it! What do you do?


  1. Give Jim a firm handshake and say he’ll do great.
  2. Download a virus onto Jim’s computer that costs the company $250 million in lost intellectual property.
  3. Challenge Jim to a duel at high noon in the parking lot.
  4. Congratulate Jim and then congratulate your boss for making such a great decision.


5) Talk around the water cooler is you’re bad at paper football, how do you show those jerks up?


  1. Start a charity paper football league at work.
  2. Stealthily give full-body paper cuts to all of those who doubt your abilities.
  3. Challenge the rapscallions around the watering hole to the merriment of hoop-and-stick.
  4. Tell them they’re right and apologize for being so bad at the game.




Answers to Quiz

If you answered mostly
(#) you are:

(1) The Too-trusting
Super-involved Type

(2) CEO Type

(3) Inventive Malicious Type

(4) Pushover –
standard “Cubical Lemming”

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